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What is My IP ?

Sooner or later, people want to know either their HostName, DNS, Country where they are from and even the City. Our Professional Tool that shows you your IP ADDRESS and all the information you need is the most accurate and precise that we could develop until now. Our coders tend to offer our guests the best services ever. FIND OUT YOUR IP ADDRESS , use CheckMyIP.NET .

Internet Speed Test

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To use the Internet Speed Test Tool please use the Right-Click on the clock and click on " Play ". You will see a START button. To start the speed test in order to check your internet speed please click that START button.
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Test your Internet Speed Connection with our Speed Test tool.

What does the Internet Speed Test tell you?

Our Internet Speed Test tool helps you see how good your Internet Connection is. Either you wish to know your bandwidth, UPLOAD Speed or DOWNLOAD Speed, this is the original internet speed test tool that helps you determine how great your ISP (Internet Service Provider) is. Of course the speed test tool is very useful and of course not alot of the internet service providers offer a good service as they say, so for that fact, use this internet speed test tool to find out if the numbers regarding your internet speed on your internet contract are true or your internet speed is not that good.
We do have the best Internet Speed Test tool over the web for you to check your Internet Speed.
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