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What is My IP ?

Sooner or later, people want to know either their HostName, DNS, Country where they are from and even the City. Our Professional Tool that shows you your IP ADDRESS and all the information you need is the most accurate and precise that we could develop until now. Our coders tend to offer our guests the best services ever. FIND OUT YOUR IP ADDRESS , use CheckMyIP.NET .

Ping Test Tool

Ping IP or Web Domain - Check if a website is working

Enter domain(s) to PING: Enter each address on a new line (Maximum 10)
Whois Domain Tool for Web Domains

Is this website online or offline? Check if a website is up or down

Website availability checker - Check if a website is online or offline

We always have this problem with some of our client domains, therefor we always need the domain ping test tool. Once a website might look like it wouldn`t fully load and you wait a ton, finaly you go and check your website availability with the domain ping test tool. Ping any domain or ip address that you need to know if it`s up and running or if the domain ping test tool will tell you it`s offline, then it`s offline or timed out.

You can always count on our domain ping test tool!

Website availability - website online or offline check