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Ways to hide my ip

How to hide my ip address

So you want to hide your ip address. Did you just find out that you can hide your ip? Actually the ip hiding is quite old and we practicly hide our ip for quite a while now!

You can use this page to find out the details, ways on how to hide your ip address. You will see how easy it is to hide your ip but as well how noone can find your real ip address!

There are quite a few ways to hide the ip address, so we will do our best to bring up front the main true and real ways through which you can make you real ip dissapear and show up another fake ip address as a mask for anyone whom would try to find out info about your ip address.

Use a Proxy Server

One of the most common methods to hide your ip address is the Proxy Server. Using a proxy server is one of the oldest ways that are out there. Basically, everyone knows what a proxy server is. If you don`t, we`ll take some time explaining how you can hide your ip using this option.

By definition, a proxy server is a network computer that you go through in order to reach a website, send emails a.s.o. The network connection that you action is indirect and as we said, all your actions go through it emails/data/files, all this time your IP being hidden from open public.

On the actual marketplace you may find free proxy servers ( or proxies ), and/or premium proxies which you have to pay for. The types of proxies differ, but so do prices.

VPN Services ( Virtual Private Network )

The Virtual Private Network practicly is designed to protect your data and identity when you are surfing public networks like for example wireless hotspots.

A VPN is designed to process every data and file through a special tunnel that makes your data secure and very safe. It`s almost as close as being named a firewall. But while the firewall protects your whole computer, the VPN on the other hand protects the data you transfer over the world wide web.

This service has been invented to help you hide your ip in the safest way possible. VPNs are used by corporations only, their security level differs, but at the same time is very high. The VPN can also help you choose the ip you want allowing you to 'jump' from city to city, country to country and even continent to continent in a flash.

This service can be particulary helpful to people that travel and need to access home websites.

Website-Based Proxy Servers

Probably the easiest way to hide your ip and the fastest, is represented by the website-based proxy servers. They usualy have boxes where you need to type the URL you wish to visit - well known as forms.

When you submit the form the website-based proxy server takes you to the url you wanted to visit using a random ip address from a server it has assigned in it`s database; just like a proxy server, only it`s faster and alot easier to use.

They generally have a logo placed at the top of the page or bottom forcing you to keep in mind what you are doing and using.
Quite simple! Are you convinced yet?

A strong example on that subject is HideMyAss.Com .

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